Are you looking for that special treat to share with a client, your friends, family, or that special someone? Or an order to take to the office to pass out to your employees or coworkers? Give us a try. Send us a message HERE and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Valentine’s treat boxes. Order in any configuration. Pictured are cake gems, treatsicles, and gourmet cookies!!

These are the bomb-diggity! Holiday Hot Cocoa Bombs now available. What is a Hot Cocoa Bomb you ask? They are spheres of chocolate filled with hot cocoa mix, hot chocolate and sometimes mini marshmallows. Simply place one in a mug, and slowly pour over hot milk or substitute and watch as the Magic happens. The chocolate will begin to melt releasing the cocoa mix and the marshmallows creating a tasty beverage. Choose from Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. Available individually wrapped…great for gift giving. Or in multi-packs.

Our seasonal creations for Halloween and Fall season! Treatsicles, truffles, hot cocoa-bombs, and brownie stuffed bears! Hot cocoa-bombs individually wrapped with seasonal cup is perfect for parties and gift giving.

Scrumptious treatsicles and truffles for Easter 2021! Our egg-shaped truffle packs were a hit, and so cute as a gift!

Celebrate your special loved one or take a pack to work to share! Chocolate-coated gems in varying shapes including hearts, spheres, or gems. Hearts…perfect for Valentine’s Day orders. Get yours soon, in time for that special someone! Send us a message for your order to ensure availability.

NEW!! Now offering gourmet cookies! Check out a few of our latest here.

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